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Written by a girl in a man’s world, with a thirst for knowledge. Never satisfied until I know it all. Ok, I’ll settle for competence and being happy in what I do, while making a few quid as well.

Enjoy reading my blogs about e-commerce, Search Engine Optimisation, WordPress, starting and running a small business using the WP platform and a bit of inside information in a world full of developers behaving like a dog with a bone.

About me …

Set up my first e-commerce site in 2006 using Shop Factory. In 2015 I was introduced to the world of WordPress. Here I was forced into the minefield that is SEO. A friend set up my first site but left it bare with absolutely zero search engine optimisation carried out at all and no advice on how to, never mind oh by the way I haven’t done any SEO. So, after about 6 months of plummeting sales, I had to ask why.

Small businesses simply can’t afford web designers or SEO’s, heck I didn’t even know how to install WordPress! So here my journey began. Wow, the amount of hours study I’ve put in has been immense. Paid courses, free courses, reading blogs (getting nowhere usually), reading crap, but mainly figuring it out for myself.

After 6 months and some basic SEO, mainly on-page and basic metadata, my sales went up with little effort. But being me, I wanted more.

To date, I have been running my online store for 13 years and I am ready to launch my second. I now have the no-how to do this correctly avoiding all the pitfalls. Some of my blogs will be directed at small businesses with no employees, just yourself who basically cannot afford to hire staff to do the work on your website.

I have no formal qualifications in anything to do with web design, sorry no there is one, I passed the W3 SChools HTML Developer course, I wanted to do the CSS one, but couldn’t really find the time to do it properly. I have done many SEO and web design courses both paid and free on Udemy. I’ve taught myself most of the stuff I know and to be fair it’s done me proud with regard to earning a living. Apart from being happy, isnt that the main thing?