Best SME Web Design Agency 2018 – Lincolnshire

Best SME Web Design Agency 2018 – Lincolnshire

Best SME Web Design Agency

Odds stacked against me

I knew I’d been nominated for Best SME Web Design Agency, so I waited to see if it was real. I did some research and saw many people winning in their niches for their areas of the country. At first, I was sceptical, I mean how could little old me win an award never mind a decent one. Startup, 49, a woman in a male-dominated industry, essentially a noob, having to study to catch up on what I’ve missed since I started tinkering with designing websites in 1998.

So I thought, thank you very much, I’ll have that.

Best SME Web Design Agency

SME News says –

Returning for its second year, the Midlands Enterprise Awards reward the industrious and hardworking individuals and firms, hailing from the Midlands region for their innovations in business practice to their outstanding overall performance. From web designers to builders, we want to highlight the hard work put in across a region that often gets overlooked.

And then this came –

Following extensive preparations, research and deliberation I am absolutely delighted to confirm DevDogz as one of our champions for the 2018 Midlands Enterprise Awards hosted by SME-News!

To confirm: DevDogz has been awarded

Best SME Web Design Agency 2018 – Lincolnshire

Every one of our award successors can be rest assured that their recognition was truly deserved, as we carefully evaluate everything from their performance over the past 12 – months, their commitment to innovation, their methods and even their competition to ensure that only the most deserving names walk away with one of our prestigious accolades.

What sets DevDogz apart?

I design websites because I enjoy it. It’s not unusual for me to settle down in an evening equipped with my laptop. Before I met my partner, this is what I could be found doing most evenings, oh and guess what, I still do.

Back in 1998, I’d play with HTML, making what were essentially crappy websites, but it lead me to use Frontpage which meant good old fashioned FTP file transfer and a little Dreamweaver. In 2001, I applied to Leicester DeMontfort University thinking that Design Media was the career I wanted to pursue. My portfolio and application were accepted but I decided to move to Lincoln, buying a disused boarding kennel. I set about renovating the kennels funded by a part-time job, which soon became a full-time business, employing a team of dog wardens to patrol several parishes, keeping the streets clean from dog mess in Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.

12 parishes, 4 part-time dog wardens plus myself, one dog rescue, 26 of my own dogs to keep me busy, kennel renovations while trying to maintain a work-life balance was a challenge for me, but I thrived back then.

In 2008, I finally got the kennels licensed. The kennels grew to 92% occupancy at its’ peak, while running the dog warden business, something had to give, so with 26 of my own dogs, LESSR was closed.

As councils budgets were slashed and I became busier in the kennels, again something had to give, so after 14 years of dog wardening, I focussed my attention on the kennels.

I designed the kennel’s website using Microsoft Frontpage. Don’t knock it, this website, along with a sound reputation made Meg Heath Kennels a huge success. Like I said earlier, at its’ peak, we were at 92% occupancy with a reputation I was proud of.

The end of Windows, enter Apple Mac

In 2014, I met my partner. Company Director of Ghouletech Ltd and an all-round Mac-geek, it wasn’t long before I was a devout Mac user. We replaced my little old Windows laptop and dinosaur PC with a Mac Book Pro.

In 2016, true to form I gratefully accepted Seb’s hand-me-down of another Mac. I became the proud owner of another Mac Book Pro. We also bought an iMac, plus another 2k Mac monitor.

Current spec:

  • MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch, MId 2015
  • Processor 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7
  • Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
  • Graphics Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB
  • 1Tb PCIe SSD

2k 27″ Mac Monitor, plus an extra curved Samsung monitor and your regular magic mouse and keyboard, oh and a trackpad.

Thanks, SME News

Thank you to SME News for awarding DevDogz Best SME Web Design Agency 2018 – Lincolnshire. I think it’s a great piece of marketing innovation to give people awards that they want to shout about. Backlinks, brand mentions, tweets and shares and not to mention the discounted advertising in your rag.

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