Wordpress staging for website test environments

WordPress staging for website test environments

wp staging plugin

I have literally been umming and arring, testing and failing with most of the WordPress staging plugins that are available for over a year. Also this time last year I tested and decided against using WP Time Capsule by Revmakx. Having tried most of the staging plugins available and failed with even the most highly recommended of them, I have settled with WP Time Capsule thanks to my host Asset ICT.

wp time capsule staging plugin

Honestly, I was getting tired of installing the plugins and not getting on with them for one reason or another. So today, I highly recommend WP Time Capsule by Revmakx.

My second recommendation for smaller sites or at least with sites with enough space is WP Staging. This is a fantastic staging plugin, it just didn’t work with my larger ecommerce web store. It works fine with all my smaller sites and its’ best feature is the orange top bar so you know exactly which site you are working on, the down side is you have to upgrade to pro to get the push to live feature.

wordpress staging plugin

Manual creation of a WordPress staging environment

If you want to manually create a staging area, WP Beginner does some great tutorials and this is one of their best.

As WordPress beginners progress in their career, their site grows as well. When running stable and professional websites, editing everything live is not the best option. Several of our users asked us for a tutorial that explains the process of creating a staging environment. In this article, we will show you how to create a staging environment for your WordPress site.

WP Beginner also suggests

If you’re a beginner and don’t want to learn the complicated process highlighted in the article below, then we recommend that you select a managed WordPress hosting provider like WPEngine which offers built-in staging functionality. Our friends at SiteGround also offers the staging functionality in their grow-geek plan which is much more affordable.

What is your experience of staging plugins? We’d love to hear. Please pop a comment below.


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